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16 Quick No-cook Lunch Duos

If making a salad seems out of your grasp and believe me there’s no judgment here.

I know how you feel there have been days where I’ve eaten only almonds and cheese because I couldn’t bring myself to cook or even attempt to throw together a salad.

1) Shrimp and Edamame (Get a ½ lb. of pre-cooked shrimp and a package of frozen edamame)

2) Baby Carrots & Hummus

3) Grapes & Pecans or Almonds

4) Cheddar Cheese & Pears

5) Deli Roasted Turkey & Sliced Red Peppers

6) String Cheese & Pineapple or Cashews (any type of nut you prefer)

7) Grape Tomatoes (Sprinkle Balsamic Vinegar) & Deli Roasted Chicken Breast

8) Peanut Butter & Apples or Celery

9) Sliced Tomatoes & Pesto

10) Raw Sugar Snap Peas & Nitrate-free ham

11) Feta & Tomatoes with Lemon & Olive oil

12) Avocado & Tomatoes cubed with fresh chopped cilantro & lime juice

13) Figs or Berries with Ricotta (drizzle with honey & balsamic vinegar)

14) Arugula Salad (shockingly simple containing only one ingredient, but so great – drizzle with olive oil, lemon, salt & pepper to taste – combine well and enjoy)

15) Smoked Salmon & Cucumbers (Peel, cut cucumber in half, then cut lengthwise strips of cucumber, spread cream cheese (optional) on cucumber, and top with salmon).

16) Plain greek yogurt & 1 tbsp low-sugar jam (sprinkle some raw oats on it if you like) and fresh berries

These lunch duos will nourish you, keep you on track, and stop you from making a trip to the drive-thru.


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