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3 Of The Worst Hidden-Calorie Offenders

When it comes to health, choosing nutritious food options such as smoothies and salads is better than falling for fast food. That said, things get tricky when you’re trying to lose weight. Some “weight-loss miracles” can hide more calories than you think.

1. Fruit Juice With 100% Natural Fruit

You checked the label. You know there are no added sugars or weird ingredients. Good job, right? Well, not exactly.

Choosing 100% real fruit juice is a win, especially if you’re trying to give your family more vitamin C. The problem is that any juice can have more calories than you think.

Opt for fresh fruit where possible. The advantage of eating an apple versus drinking juice is that whole fruit has lots of fiber. This type of snack keeps you full longer.

2. Trail Mix

Outdoor enthusiasts love trail mix, and for good reason. Nuts, seeds and dried fruit can be an excellent source of energy for hiking, biking and jogging. There are many benefits when you enjoy trail mix the right way:

  • Filling: Nuts and seeds give you protein, which can help you avoid the munchies at work.

  • Healthy: Almonds, walnuts and sunflower seeds have good fats and proteins for your muscles.

  • Energizing: Dried fruit can help you push through the pain and tiredness.

  • Fast: You can grab a handful of trail mix anywhere. It’s easy to make your own version at home, too.

So, what’s the problem? Many brands are loaded with added sugar and salt. Plus, if you eat handful after handful, you’re going to get tons of calories no matter what. Instead, grab trail mix when you’re planning on physical activity.

3. Yogurt

In the last few years, people have been catching on to the importance of probiotics for gut health, immune health and a bunch of other benefits. The good bacteria, protein and calcium in yogurt can be fantastic for health and potentially help you lose weight.

The trick is to avoid high-fat varieties that have too much sugar. Be careful with flavored yogurts, real fruit or not.

Your best bet is to buy nonfat plain yogurt. Then, add fresh fruit the old-fashioned way. Toss in some berries and sunflower seeds and enjoy.



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