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5 Reasons Why You Should Ease Into A New Diet Gradually

Many people have the idea that having good health means making massive changes to diet or lifestyle. The truth is that you can have more success improving your health when you start small and work your way up. For example, if you’re planning on making healthful changes to your diet, it’s smart to ease into it gradually.

Why Take Your Time With a New Diet

This idea of gradually making changes to your diet is the same as easing into a new exercise routine. Getting in shape is a great goal, but if you don’t take things slow, you can end up hurting yourself.

1. Your Gut Needs Time To Adapt

Healthy, natural foods are heaven for your gut microbiome. Fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir and kombucha contain wonderful probiotics (friendly bacteria). Leafy green veggies give your digestive system plenty of nutritious fiber, vitamins and prebiotics (food for the good bacteria).

In the beginning, even positive changes to gut health can feel uncomfortable. It’s like your good bacteria suddenly starts a war with all the harmful bacteria that’s been around for so long. This “war” can produce gas, bloating and other digestive symptoms. To help, make sure to drink plenty of water.

2. Drastic Changes Can Trigger Negative Side Effects

Eating less sugar, fat and fast foods is a smart decision. Some people aim to avoid carbs. If you go too aggressively, though, you can cause unpleasant side effects:

  • Brain fog

  • Anxiety

  • Irritability

  • Low energy levels

  • Headaches

  • Constipation

3. Little Habits Last Longer

Did you know that it takes over two months to build a good habit? The great news is that once you build habits, you’re more likely to stick with them. They become a part of who you are, not a punishment you’re forcing yourself to go through.

4. Benefits Appear Gradually

You’re not going to drop 20 pounds instantly because you’re snacking on celery. Even antioxidant superstars such as turmeric take time to work their inflammation-fighting, metabolism-boosting magic. Expect small benefits in three weeks and bigger effects after a few months.

5. Your Body Is Unique

This is one of the biggest reasons to take your time with diet changes. You have to customize your diet to your unique nutritional needs and health issues.

Some foods are amazing for joint pain but irritating for acid reflux, for example. Making gradual changes lets you figure out how your new diet affects your energy levels, alertness, digestive health and mood.

Give your body time to adapt to a new diet. Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, avoid taking an axe to major food groups, such as grains or dairy. Shift your ingredient list gradually instead.


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