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Benefits of Tabata Workouts

Are you failing to get the same benefits from your workout that you got when you first started? If you stick with the same workout routine for too long, your body is bound to become accustomed to it. The key to reaching your fitness goals is to keep your body on its toes. A great way to do this is by switching up your workout every few months.

If you’re looking for the next workout routine to help you meet your body composition goals, you may want to give Tabata a try. Tabata training is a type of high-intensity interval training. It forces your heart rate quickly into an intense anaerobic zone for short bursts of time while allowing you to briefly rest in between.

Like many other types of HIIT, Tabata workouts tend to be highly structured. For a workout to follow the Tabata protocol, it must involve 20-second bursts of maximum intensity. A 10-second period of rest follows each 20-second intensity burst. You may find yourself asking, “What’s the big deal? Can Tabata workouts really help me reach my fitness goals?” The answer is an enthusiastic, “Yes!” Here are some of the benefits of Tabata workouts.

Improved Overall Health

Tabata workouts are capable of improving performance in both the anaerobic and aerobic systems. As you strengthen these systems, you’ll experience improved overall health and energy levels. You’ll also have an easier time performing daily tasks without getting fatigued. Strong cardiovascular systems are also associated with improved immunity and decreased risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Short Workout Sessions

Just as bigger isn’t always better, longer workouts aren’t always the most effective. Most Tabata workout cycles are only a few minutes long. But don’t confuse short sessions with decreased results. Due to their structure, Tabata workouts are highly effective at delivering noticeable results. Most people also find that the shorter workout sessions associated with Tabata workouts are much easier to squeeze into their busy schedules than other types of workouts that require more time to complete.

Whether you have a busy schedule or you simply want to experience maximum health results in the shortest period of time, Tabata is a type of workout that’s worth your time. Keep in mind that with only 10 seconds of rest between each maximum-effort burst, the entire 4-minute workout cycle will be very physically challenging.

Flexible Workouts

One of the nice things about doing Tabata workouts is that they’re so versatile and flexible. Though the time spent in maximum-level effort and rest periods is not flexible, the type of workouts you do is up to you. If you’re a big fan of jumping jacks, go ahead and do them as part of your Tabata workout. If you prefer mountain climbers, feel free to do those instead. You can even do burpees if you’re feeling extra motivated (or crazy). Any exercise that helps you reach maximum effort for a twenty-second window is fair game.

Fat-Burning Benefits

Since your heart rate remains elevated throughout most of your Tabata workout, you have the potential to burn a lot of fat. Your body consumes fat cells for energy when you keep your heart rate elevated. Even though you’re getting 10 seconds of rest between each 20-second maximum-effort session, that isn’t enough time for your heart rate to come down much at all. Those 10-second rests are basically designed to help you catch your breath just enough to tackle your next 20-second burst with maximum effort.

If you’re short on time or you just don’t like to spend a lot of time exercising, you’ll love Tabata workouts. They offer huge rewards for a minimal investment. Tabata might become your next favorite type of workout if you give it a chance.


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