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Looking Into The New Trend Of Superfood-Infused Sparkling Water

Society is obsessed with health trends, which is obvious when looking at the multi-billion dollar health industry. While it is encouraging how people are focusing more on health and wellness, you still need to be cautious of health fads.

Like some diets and cleanses, most fads can harm you if overused; some others are marketing ploys to make a buck off of concerned citizens. However, for all the charlatans and pseudo-science gurus, a health trend arrives that makes all the hype worth it.

Modified or amplified seltzer or sparkling water contains added vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and probiotic treatments to enrich the beverage. While the evolution in sparkling water is nothing new, brands are beginning to focus on the addition of superfoods, potentially making a healthy drink even healthier.

The Rise of Sparkling Water

Sparkling water has been around for generations; it is nothing new, nor is it particularly exciting on its own. However, as consumer trends have veered toward health-conscious shopping and consumption, fizzy water has increased sales. Alternatively, soda has experienced a yearly decline of 5% on average.

Part of the appeal of sparkling water over soda is the health benefits. Soda is filled with sugar, caffeine, and several chemicals that can harm the body, leading to weight and diabetes risks. Sparkling water does not carry the same risks. In recent years, producers have taken the benefits of drinking sparkling water to new heights by incorporating specific vitamins and minerals tied to specific health objectives, like focus, less anxiety, increased energy, etc.

Boosting the Health Effects of Water

Some sparkling water brands, such as Droplet, are now infusing sparkling water with superfoods, like passion fruit, ginger, reishi mushrooms, etc. The goal of the new recipes is to create water that contributes to both mental and physical health. For example, one recipe claims to combat fatigue by combining cacao, vanilla bean, passion fruit, and Rhodiola.

The Science and Medical or Nutritional Experts

For most claims regarding superfoods and mental health, the science is thin. More research is necessary to state the effectiveness of several ingredients for the treatment of anxiety or fatigue. However, it is necessary to point out these beverages are not designed to “treat” any underlying condition. Instead, the purpose of the beverage is to provide added nutrients and supplements into your diet that have shown support of natural functioning.

Most nutritional experts explain that using sparkling water brands to consume the benefits of superfoods and other supplements is an excellent idea. However, you mustn't use these beverages as your primary vitamin and mineral source. Most medical professionals still recommend the use of a multivitamin and specific supplements for vitamin and mineral deficiencies. That being said, superfood-infused sparkling water is still a decent alternative to sugary sodas or other highly caffeinated beverages.

While some of the science is a little slim regarding sparkling water and its superfood infusion, it is still an excellent alternative to worse beverages. However, pay attention to what you consume and always talk to a doctor before adding any supplement to your diet, even those packaged as beverages.



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