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Natural Weight And Your Body's Magic Number

Natural bodyweight is an interesting concept having to do with set-point theory. In essence, your ideal natural weight has little to do with standard measuring protocols, like BMI. Instead, a healthy natural weight is measured against how you feel.

A healthy natural weight is the range when you experience optimum energy levels and feel confident. While the definition seems too broad, it essentially comes down to focusing on proper eating and exercise.

Lack of Specific Measurements

When maintaining a natural healthy weight is your objective, you will not find many specific measurements of markers for what that means. Each person has individual characteristics that dictate a healthy natural weight. Therefore, previous models that expressed people of the same gender, age, and height having similar weight requirements were flawed.

Diet is an individual goal, and it is not a bad word. Unfortunately, marketing has turned the phrase into a definition of numerous fads and restrictive programs. In truth, diet simply refers to what an individual eats. It is a reference to the nutritional and supportive needs of a person.

Your diet might not match another's, but that does not mean it is not as efficient or adequate. The primary objective of focusing on your natural weight is to understand the nutritional and mineral components you need to be healthy, energetic, and productive.

Avoidance of Restrictions

Restrictive diets and measurements are not helpful. While knowing specific numbers and having specific meal suggestions might be encouraging to some, the process becomes mundane and frustrating to most people.

The key to maintaining dietary objectives is variety and enjoyment. There is nothing wrong with enjoying your food; the key is not to overindulge. Focusing on serving sizes and nutritional content is Ok, and it can even encourage smarter choices.

However, part of the natural weight movement is mindful eating or the focus on the experience of eating. If you free your mind of distractions and focus on chewing and savoring every bite, the research suggests you will eat less. Because mindful eating involves focusing on the experience, it also encourages paying attention to bodily cues, like fullness.

The Freedom and Objectives of Natural Dieting

As you gain more experience with mindful eating and your natural weight, you will begin to learn how your body responds and interacts with specific food. Your diet will likely correspond with research findings, such as junk foods, like chips, encourage more eating, resulting in weight gain and typically poor energy levels.

While you might not want to accept that junk food is made up of empty calories, your body will confirm it. Your body will also confirm that fruits and vegetables make you feel more energetic and generally better about your day.

Your natural weight will not always correspond with general recommendations. Still, talking to your doctor about weight loss goals is wise because maintaining your health is paramount to happiness and longevity. A doctor can provide specific insights into your body's needs.

What do you think of the natural weight movement?


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