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Surprising Benefits Of Ionized Water

Water is water, right? Not quite. There are many different types of water and they all have different properties. You’ve probably heard of purified, spring and distilled water. These are the most common types available at grocery stores. But you may not be as familiar with ionized water (also known as alkaline water).

Ionized water is water that has gone through a process called electrolysis. This process transforms regular water into water that is rich in hydrogen and antioxidants. Ionized water is medical-grade water that is considered superior to other types of water in taste and health benefits. Here are some of the surprising ways drinking ionized water can boost your health.

Reduced Acid Reflux

If you have excess stomach acid and experience frequent or occasional acid reflux as a result, drinking ionized water may help. Alkaline ionized water may help balance the stomach acid so you can sleep more comfortably without worrying about waking in the night with painful acid reflux symptoms.

It is important to note that acid reflux can be caused by too much or too little stomach acid. If alkaline water doesn’t seem to help the condition, you may be dealing with too little stomach acid instead of too much. In this case, drinking ionized water may not help because it reduces your stomach acid even more.

Body Detoxification

The human body needs to detoxify its organs regularly to get rid of excess toxins. Too many toxins in the body can cause a variety of symptoms, including:

  • Bloating

  • Fatigue

  • Food sensitivities

  • Inflammation

  • Low energy

  • Mental confusion

Drinking ionized water may help the body get rid of excess toxins (especially mercury). Some research shows that alkaline water may protect against mercury and other toxins.

Heart Health

Another benefit of ionized water is that it may reduce some of the risk factors associated with heart disease. For example, alkaline water (when consumed regularly) may reduce cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

For these reasons, alkaline ionized water may be recommended for people with high cholesterol, diabetes or hypertension. Alkalized mineral water may also improve mental clarity while it hydrates the body and strengthens the immune system.

Weight Loss

If you’re struggling to lose weight, you may be surprised to discover that drinking ionized water could help. Research shows that ionized water can improve the results of your weight loss plan. Obese individuals who drank two liters of ionized water every day were shown to lose an average of 12 pounds over a couple of months. If you need a little help getting those extra pounds off, try drinking alkaline ionized water every day.

Bone Health

According to studies, alkaline ionized water may improve bone health. It is thought to be a safer source of dietary calcium than dairy products. Studies show that two markers associated with bone loss are significantly reduced in females who drink alkaline water.


In addition to all of the impressive benefits already mentioned, alkaline ionized water is also a natural antioxidant. Antioxidants are substances that may prevent cell damage and premature aging. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals in the body. Free radicals are unpaired electrons that scavenge the body for electrons. By stealing electrons from other cells, free radicals call cellular damage.

Drinking ionized water can help minimize free radical damage. The antioxidants in ionized water give up their electrons to stabilize free radicals. When this happens, the free radicals no longer need to scavenge electrons from your body’s cells. Alkaline water shows greater antioxidant activity when vitamin C is added to it.

Experience the Benefits for Yourself

Were you surprised to discover the many benefits ionized water can provide? To experience these benefits for yourself, start drinking alkaline ionized water today.


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